Sunday, March 27, 2011

It's My Party (PTU scrap kit)

For this tag I used Paint Shop Pro X3 it should work with any version of the program. Any resemblance to any other signature or tutorial is not intended and merely coincidental.

You will need the “ItsMyParty” tagger scrap kit by Creative Intentionz .
You will also need a tube of choice I used Myka Jelina's beautiful artwork Please do not use the same tubes without proper license. I used the Sweet Intoxication template by Dee the template was made as a part of a 3 pack for the Creative Misfits blog you can find it HERE click on the first template it says "I can make the devil sweat" to get it.

To start download the scrap kit unzip it, download your template unzip it, and pick your tube.

Open your template hit shift+d to duplicate your template save this template as a psp file called whatever you want your completed tag to be called. Now we are going to delete or hide some of the template layers. I removed the info, stars, wordart, black strip, small pink circle, top black circle, 3dotted circles, overlay, 4 pink circles, 4 white circles & bg. In your layers palette lock your remaining layers together you should have something that looks like this.

Now move the layer called white rectangle above the layer called white half circle. Pick 3 papers from the kit I used CIZ-IMP-Paper15, CIZ-IMP-Paper3, CIZ-IMP-Paper9. Cut your papers into the template layers using your favorite method. I like to click on the layer I am changing and add a new raster layer selections select all, from the kit open paper of choice copy and paste into the selection. Make the previous template layer active and selections float> selections defloat make the paper of choice layer active and hit delete. Selections > defloat now delete the template layer. Do this for all of the template layers except the 3 white circles layer.

When done open 3 of the buttons I used CIZ-IMP-Button1, CIZ-IMP-Button2, CIZ-IMP-Button3. copy and paste each as a new layer then resize each to 85% (resize all unchecked) move over the white circles. Merge the button layers down so all three are on one layer. Now delete the white circles layer. Open all five of the bubbles copy and paste them above what was your black circle layer. Move them around so they look good to you. I mirrored the green bubbles and the yellow bubbles to get better coverage (see my tag for reference). Pick a cake from the kit resize it 50% place it as your top layer. Now open all 10 of the gift boxes, I resized them to 40% and move them around to each side of the cake until I was happy with the placement. After you place the gifts move the cake so it is the top layer again.

Copy and paste your tube as the top layer. Give your tube and any of the elements you wish a drop shadow. I used 0,0,100,1 black. I did not drop shadow the bubbles it made them look funny to me. Add any other elements from the kit you want to when you are happy with the placements Merge visible. Resize the tag to 450 pixels wide making sure the resize all layers box IS checked; sharpen. Add the copyright information for the tube you used and your name. To save the clear background save as a png. Congratulations you have finished another tag!!

If you need help with this tutorial please feel free to contact me at iceholecyn(at) change the (at) to @ to make the email work =D
Feel free to show off what you have created with this tutorial at the same email address. Please comment if you used this tutorial I would love to know if this was helpful to anyone =D Thanks for trying my tutorial!


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