Thursday, August 7, 2014

Playing with effects to make tags

First I snagged Dee's awesome template "Stupid People Template" HERE.
Then pick your tube I used PinUp Toons Individual Tube 161-2 You can get it HERE. This tube has two versions one larger than the other. 

Shift+D to duplicate your template. Then I rearranged some layers Delete the info layer. I didn't have any of the fonts that Dee used to make the template so I changed the "I'm hiding from" and the "people" to the font I decided to use for the name. I used "Invitation Script LIMITED FREE" HERE
Merge the Top, middle and bottom diagonal squares, Merge the Top green circle, middle green circle, bottom green circle. 
I deleted the dotted circle just above the aqua circle. then moved the aqua circle below the top diagonal square then the creme strip back below the aqua circle. Delete green circle (it is a pale green), Delete the BG layer.

Now to make some papers... 
Take the larger tube and copy it as a new layer on the template. 
Then use MuRa's Meister copies you can get it HERE I used the wallpaper setting to make it into a full sheet; I did it twice to get rid of any holes the first run left behind.  Duplicate this until you have 4 sheets, 
Turn the sheets pretty with...
Use Mosaic - Antique with these settings on 1 

Use Mosaic - Glass with these settings on another. 

Use Fur with these settings on another. 

Use Soft plastic with these settings on another.  

After I did the soft plastic I changed the color to a blue grey to make it look more like the water that came with the tube. 

Use your newly created "papers" to decorate your template. Duplicate the type of paper you want to use then put it just above the "shape" layer you want to use it for. For most of the layers I delete the original layer after I get the shape cut out of the paper. To get the shape go to the shape layer selection- select all- selections float- selections defloat then make the active layer the paper selections invert then hit delete. After that I delete the original layer. 

I used the Mosaic Antique on layers the green oval, white circle, aqua circle

I used the Mosaic Glass on layers on the three merged circles (for this one I did not delete the original layer instead I changed the blend mode until I got a green I liked), and the aqua rectangle.

I used Fur on the three merged diagonal squares.

I used Soft plastic on the creme circle, and the creme strip.

Use 4 copies of the large tube to decorate the various layers, with blend modes I used Screen, luminance legacy, soft light, and multiply on different layers. You can use what ever looks best to you. 

Then I used the smaller tube in the middle of the tag. 

Add your favorite drop shadow to the top tube and any layers you want to POP. 
add your copyright info and name. 

Merge visible Congratulations you have finished another tag!! 

If you need help with this tutorial please feel free to contact me at iceholecyn(at) change the (at) to @ to make the email work =D Feel free to show off what you have created with this tutorial at the same email address. Please comment if you used this tutorial I would love to know if this was helpful to anyone =D Thanks for trying my tutorial!

Monday, June 11, 2012
My Blog has new clothing!! A HUGE Thank you to Jackie for making my blog look so pretty!!!
Friday, May 11, 2012
I am selling at a new store!!! 

Everything is $1 so hurry and grab some CUTE CU items! 

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Toxic Rawk

Here is my part of the Creatively Scrappin Blog Train  for March. 
I hope you like it! 
Click on image to download. 
Please remember to leave some love if you snag it.

To make things a little easier to navigate please go back to the station to gather more freebies. 
I hope you have fun snagging!!

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