Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ann's Eye

Long story short we should NOT have gone camping... if you don't want to be bored with the details feel free to stop reading now I am going to keep babbling at you because I think it will make me feel better. *SIGH*

OK so last weekend we could not go camping because of MANY MANY reasons so I told DH I REALLY wanted to go camping this weekend. He said yes because he knew I really wanted to go. Our boat was still in the shop but we were assured (on Wed) it would be ready around noon on Thursday so we went shopping for camping food (junk) whoo hooo!

The plan was for DH to get off work early Thursday so he could load up the car come grab me grab the boat grab Ann and off camping!! Whooo Hooo EXCEPT the boat was NOT ready the part did not come in it was going to be there Friday instead of Thursday... WELL SHIT SHIT SHIT!! So dh and I talked we have Never had a trolling motor so we did not care that we still did not have one, in fact we don't really need the trolling motor at all to go camping so we called the shop, and then we were back on track he got off early loaded up got me we went and got the boat from them. They told us to have a nice weekend we said thanks and went and got Ann.

About 1/4 of the way to the place where we launch the boat DH realizes oh no I forgot to get gas!!! SO we turn around and get gas for the boat because the tank was still empty from the last time we took it out.

We get to the launch site and OMFG DH forgot the lanterns, my check book and my camera!! Ok No big deal we have enough cash to pay the launch fee and the camping fees and we have our cell phones for NEEDED pictures so it is not like we will miss the UBER important moments right...

We launch and get to the camp site it starts to sprinkle... Damn it... we get camp set up and the clouds that were around start getting more and more grey and the wind starts to blow and tries to blow out tent away before we get it staked down. .

I notice the mosquitoes are out in FORCE so I ask DH to please spray Ann with the bug spray. He does but he got a little in her mouth and she cries but we get that under control. A short while later Ann starts crying because she is sleepy and she starts rubbing her eyes. Then she SCREAMED! We figured she got some of the bug spray from her hands into her eyes and we flush her eye out. She still says it hurts but it is DARK and we can't see so we tell her that it will be ok in the AM and we all go to bed. Ann slept like SHIT she was tossing and turning crying and saying her eye hurt. Plus it was raining HARD between the rain and the wind we figured that she was more freaked by the weather and she was just using her eye as a convo starter. Kinda like when your kid is done eating and says they have to go to the bathroom just so they can get up from the table.

In the AM Ann could NOT open her right eye. She said it hurt then we could see the black speck. We tried to irrigate her eye with water but she said the water was too hot for her eye (the water was Ice cold) we tried twice and nothing. We told her that we were going to have to take her to the Dr b/c she could not open her eye so she put on a brave face and opened her eye long enough for us to have breakfast. After breakfast she REALLY REALLY wanted to go fishing so we went out fishing for about 10 Minutes. The camp site we had was shaded; on the water it is not her poor eye was so sensitive to the light she had to put her face in my lap it hurt so bad. We went back to camp and packed up.

I called the Dr Office on the way home the earliest they could get us in was 4:30PM we said OK. At 1PM I decide to make Ann take a shower. I HOPED that the speck would come out with a little steam while I was in the shower the Dr Office called and they wanted us in ASAP! We went and Ann weighs 34.5 lbs. it took the Dr, the nurse, Robert and I to hold Ann down on the table so the Dr could get the neon drops in her eye, look at her eye with the black light and then try to flush out the speck. Ann SCREAMED so loud thinking about it still gives me chills!! Dr said Ann had a corneal foreign object and sent us to the ophthalmologist

At the eye Dr we were asked if she had put up a fight at the last office we told them yes it took 4 of us to hold her down just for irrigation they said WOW and then they gave Ann a cute little pink fish to take home. Then we go into this Dr's room and the Dr decided to put Robert in one of the regular exam chairs with Ann on his lap!!! We had to hold her still in that position so the Dr could scrape at her eye trying to get the debris out of her eye needless to say she got some extra scratches on her poor eye!! He tried twice and the first time she tried to grab the tool away from the Dr. we got her pinned and he tried again the second time she just moved too much. She SCREAMED that horrible scream the whole time *shudder* then the Dr went and got a different pair of head lamps and I asked him if there was a bed or something we could use instead of the chair and he said he wanted to try one more time and if it did not work he was going to send us to the hospital ER so he could have her sedated and get it out that way. I asked Robert what he wanted to do and Robert picked the one more try, he could tell the scream was getting to me but we were both hoping that one more try would be good enough. It was not. I went out of the room with Ann because the nurse asked her if she wanted some juice and crackers. Robert stayed in the room for further instructions. The Dr called the ER and told them that he needed a room because Ann was "raising a ruckus" (I am glad I had left the room because that still makes me angry hours later!) He also said it was going to be an hour before he could even get over to the hospital. At the end of the Dr Office ordeal one of the nurses gave Ann a book and a cute little purse for being a "good girl" even though the WHOLE office heard her screaming. I am telling you that SCREAM is brutal!!

Since the wait was going to be so long we decided some comfort was in order so we went to burger king so we could get some frozen cokes for DH and Ann and a shake for me. The road was so clogged we had to go through Taco Bell's parking lot to get back on the road. Well in the parking lot this girl was driving on the WRONG side of the road DH was distracted for a minute and if I had not yelled we would have totally wrecked our car. We barely missed her. Then Ann started to yell at DH to pay attention Daddy!! We made it to the hospital and got checked in.

It took almost 2 hours for the Dr to show up the ER nurse was talking about putting an IV in Ann's arm. I was freaking out a bit so I went to the car to get Ann's toys for her (she asked for them) and I called my Mom. Mom asked me hard questions like is Ann going to be blind (OMFG!!) and are they going to have to do major surgery? SO I told her IDK and then about the SCREAM and cried a bit then I gathered my self and went back inside. The Nurse came in while I was gone and gave Ann a cute Turtle then they put some numbing cream on Ann's arm incase the Dr wanted an IV. Apparently they had NO idea what the Dr needed they only knew that he was coming in. I pissed off the ER DR because he came in and I mentioned that the Eye Dr was coming in. he was ALL offended that I did not need him. I told him I did not care if he was there I just though he should know so he went off in a huff.

The eye Dr finally showed up and they decided to go with the Ketamine instead of the IV I was soooo glad!! Right up until they came in to give her the shot. Again it took 3 adults to hold her so they could give her the shot in her leg. And again the SCREAM!! It only took about 2 minutes for the Ketamine to work they hooked her up to the monitors and put oxygen tubes in her nose. When they did that I lost it and started crying there is NOTHING like seeing your baby all doped up and hooked to 5 monitors and a breathing tube to make you realize just how fragile they really are. She could not swallow, talk or move at all. They had a tube like at the dentists' office to suction her mouth. *tears*

When the Dr. came in it only took him about 3 minutes to glove up and remove the speck out from her eye. I kept the speck. He got it off of her eye with some sort of knife and then out of her eye with a Qtip. I had to look away when he put the clamp thing in her eye to hold it open. *shudder* When he left it took a good 45 minutes for Ann to shake off the drugs. She came out of it really slow but she came back PISSED off that she was hooked to so much crap!

We have to put antibiotics in her eye one drop 4 times a day for the next 5 days. And if she starts to have any problems we have to call. He also said her vision should be fine because the spot was off to the side. She should be back to normal in a day or two.


After The first Dr office they bandaged her so she would not rub her eye

  • she got two pretty bracelets while we were waiting

    about 2 minutes after they gave her the shot

    trying to wake up

    we were asking her simple things to see if she was awake. I asked if she sould stick her tounge out and she did

    then she just kept sicking it out. we had to tell her to put it back in LOL.

    sleeping on the ride home

    the speck that was in her eye

    the red spots are the adhesive spots from the monitors the stripes n her arms are bruses from the blood pressure cuff


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